Michel Becquet

Michel Becquet was born in Limoges, France. With the smoothness of his playing, his great sensitivity and his unique sonority, Michel Becquet is considered to be one of the best representatives of the French school of wind instruments in the entire world.

In his youth, he practiced the piano and the horn, while taking the advice of his father (himself a professional horn player) before discovering a passion for the trombone at 10 years of age.

He was engaged, at 18 years of age, as the principal trombone of Orchestre de Suisse-Romande by Wolfgang Sawallisch, in the French-speaking part of Switserland, before joining the Opera of Paris a few years later.

In order to devote himself to teaching, he left the Orchestra of the Opera for the "Hochschule für Musik" of Cologne in 1989, where he taught at the sides of prestigious international masters. In 1990, Gilbert Amy proposed to him the functions of "Head of Brass Department" at the CNSM in Lyon France.

Michel Becquet is also permanent chief of the ensemble Les Cuivres Francais, 18 French brass players at a very high level.